Wrong Nairobi Hotel ,7 Signs you’re about to Book the Wrong Nairobi Hotel

In this digital era, many of us do our research online before booking a hotel. We look at review sites, client testimonials and galleries on the hotel website in hopes that they’ll help us to make a good decision. There are very many Nairobi hotels to choose from when visiting the city. But regardless of the research, there’s no guarantee that you’ve booked the perfect hotel. Plenty of us have made poor choices when it comes to service providers that left us frustrated. What seems to be an amazing deal turns out to be a total sham.

From booking the wrong room to forgetting to confirm the location, there’s a way you can realize that you are about to make a mistake.  Here are 7 things you should be looking out for.

1. Multiple negative reviews

It’s important to check reviews of a hotel before you go. It gives you an idea of the kind of hotel you are about to book, the perception of previous clients as well as what you should expect. But make sure you focus on reviews from reputable sites. Don’t expect a hotel to have 100% positive reviews. Try and focus on reviews that are unbiased and recent. When you notice many reviews complaining about a certain aspect of the hotel, there’s a high chance that it could be true.

Check Online Hotel Reviews

2. They don’t accept credit cards

When booking a hotel early, try and use your credit card. Using your credit card can not only give you the advantage of various offers and rewards but it also offers you some level of protection against fraud. If your hotel insists on paying cash only, be wary. Choose the right type of credit card and use it to book accommodation.

3. They never pick calls or answer your emails

Travelers should beware of hotel staff who don’t response quickly to their customers. You’d be surprised at how often hotel staff don’t respond to their customer’s concerns. What happens when you end up making the wrong reservations? There would probably be no one to help you out.  This could be a sign that they don’t offer the best customer service. Booking a hotel that has professional staff is so important.

4. They have a misleading hotel name or location

Always check the name and the exact location of a hotel before you book. Some Nairobi hotels have misleading names so visitors end up booking them only to find that they are in a different location. Explore the neighborhood where the hotel is situated on Google maps to get an idea of where you will be going to and whether the location is convenient for your trip. If the name and location don’t add up, you’re likely to be disappointed.

Signs You are Booking the Wrong Hotel

5. They have no images of the hotel

Because most people are unable to book hotels before visiting them, the least they can do is to rely on pictures to know what they will be paying for. If the hotel doesn’t offer any recent authentic pictures of the place, then chances are that they have something to hide. Pictures give you proof that the amenities they claim to offer are actually present. And make sure the pictures they have are genuine.

6. The rates are unusually low

They say that when a deal is too low, you should think twice. We’ve all been there. You book a hotel because of the incredibly low prices only to get there and find it to be an utter disappointment. Hotels usually have different rates but there shouldn’t be a big disparity in price among hotels that are in the same level. Compare rates and know when a deal is too good to be true.

7. You can’t access the hotel

There are certain hotels which provide very unclear instructions on how to get there. Don’t fall into that trap. If the hotel’s location is unclear and you’ve taken steps to verify this in vain, think twice about booking it. Know what mode of transport you’ll use to get to the hotel and long it will take you to get there.

If there’s any reason at all for you to hold on before making that reservation, trust your instincts and do some more background checks. Sometimes even the hotels in Nairobi that look perfect may end up being a big disappointment.

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