Best of Luxury Kenya Safari Guide, Kenya Safari safaris in Kenya Masai Mara

 Kenya Safari safaris in Kenya Masai Mara,Explore Masai Mara, Samburu and Chyulu Hills on one of these luxury Kenya safaris. For a combination of environments from rolling savanna, to semi-desert and lush riverine woodlands, these safari tours offer a broad perspective of Kenya.

  • Take to the sky with a hot air balloon over the Mara
  • Participate on walking safari and cultural
  • horse riding safaris are possible on the private conservancies bordering the Mara Reserve

The Mara is home to the annual Great Wildebeest Migration, when 2 million wildebeest move into the reserve. It also has one of the largest Lion populations in the world.

Samburu, situated in the remote semi-arid region north of Mount Kenya, is an off-the-beaten track safari experience, as well as providing an opportunity to meet the Samburu people.

Chyulu Hills, transforms from semi-arid to lush riverine habitats, where elephants can be seen in huge herds. Theier red-skinned color is a result of thecolor of the mud and soil they come into contact with.

Deluxe Kenya Fly-In Safari, Kenya Safari safaris in Kenya Masai Mara

This 10 day safari offers you an opportunity you to explore the highlights of Kenya from the plains of the Masai Mara, the desert landscape of Samburu and the Chyulu Hills…

Luxury Fly-in Safari,

Our 10 day fly-in safari package offers a discerning safari experience for the seasoned traveller who is looking to experience East Africa at grass roots level…

Laikipia & Matthews Range

This 8 Day safari takes you into the conservancies where you can enjoy off beat activities such as cycling safaris, camel-back safaris and horseback safaris…




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