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Mombasa City Tour

mombasa city

Mombasa City Tour
Begin a walk through the second largest city in Kenya located on an island .it’s a steamy, tropical ,low-rise with asymmetrical streets, languid pace a diverse and intriguing population .it is mostly a Swahili town and women can be seen chattering dark bui-bui or wrapped in brilliant multicolored kanga. a walk through the streets of the old town up to the old port to see the dhows.
The old town is a maze of narrow streets, mosque and crowded buildings, some with impressive carved or intricate balconies. Lunch then a visit to the baobab forest along Mama Gina drives, later visits the mackinon market, elephant tusk and Indian temple, akamba wood craft at changamwe where you can see craftsmen at work and select your carvings before proceeding to fort Jesus museum built by the Portuguese at the end of the 16th century.

Mombasa city tour                  4 pax
citizens ksh10,000
Residents 13000
Non residents usd180

You will drive to the south coast , crossing the likoni ferry enroute and heading to the south coast of Mombasa .on arrival at shimoni jetty you will board a traditional Arabic dhow and ride into wasini channel And sail hours searching for dolphins sail to kizite marine national park second most famous marine park after Australian marine park animals seen here include tortoise, turtle ,beereffs, coral reefs and different types of marine fishes.sea and Swahili foods for lunch afterwards highlights include snookering ,swimming take time looking at marine life from a glass-bottomed boat, and then a historical tour around wasini fish village and shimoni slave caves. Depart shimoni back to Mombasa.

Wasini  4 pax
citizens 3,500
Residents 3,500
Non residents usd 60

Depart for Malindi town dating back to the 14th century the town is famous by the visit of famous Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama when he signed the trade agreement in 1498 and erected the coral pillar which was eventually named after him.the3 tour starts with a visit to the arbuko sokoke forest home to high endemic mammals ,birds insects and plants then to the Gedi ruins these are the remains of the Swahili town located in Gedi a village near the coastal town of malindi .the village was abandoned in the early 16th century with no possible explanation it was then declared a Kenya national park.
You will be taken round the monument while being educated on the history of Gede Proceed to Vasco Da Gamma pillar which marks the last point stop in Africa before Vasco Da Gama Sailed across to India in then to the luxurious scorpion villas after which you will proceed to the Kenya falconry, with a huge collection of birds end with a short tour of malindi town where you will visit the woodcarving factory, the shopping centre among other from here visit the snake park before driving to Mombasa.

malindi  4 pax
citizens ksh 18000
Residents ksh 18,000
Non residents usd 180

Depart for shimba hills your game drive will start from the gate, where you will spot game animals found here, such as elephants, buffalo, warthogs, impalas, black and white monkeys attractive sable antelopes and roan as you explore the vast shimba hills reserve . Lunch at the shimba hills lodge one of the tree tops hotel in the coast region where you will have a change to see animals at the water hole. After lunch visit the magnificent shedrick’s falls on the hills. A shower in the cool clean water of the falls or a dip in the pool is quite refreshing after the walk. Drive back to Mombasa.

shimba hill  4pax
citizens ksh20.000
Residents Ksh23,000
Non residents Usd 300

Drive along the Mombasa-Nairobi road to the first gate of Tsavo East national park. Enter the park via the bechuma gate and embark on your first game viewing in search in search for elephants, man eaters of Tsavo, cheetah, Giraffe, antelopes. Visit the famous Aruba bam where lots of game can be found especially during the dry season.
After lunch at voi safari lodge set on top of a hill and overlooks the plains extending as far as the terrain of the yatta plateau wildlife attracted by the water holes sunk below the cliff another game drive through the vast park plains. Have a chance to see the big five of Africa numerous numbers of small and big game and different birds’ species. Drive back to Mombasa.

Tsavo east                                    4pax
citizens 18000
Residents Ksh22000
Non residents Usd290