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Helicopter safari kenya

Helicopter safari Kenya,This safari  starts when you transfer from your international flight in Nairobi to your private helicopter, which flies you to Solio lodge near the Aberdare highlands, soaring above the ice-capped snowy peaks of Mount Kenya. At Solio Lodge you will see an abundance of game from black and white rhino, to lions and herds of buffalo. You can enjoy a massage in your room by the fire or go horse riding across the plains.

From the exclusive Solio Lodge you and the helicopter will travel to the luxurious Desert Rose lodge where you’ll witness the astonishing rock formations of the Suguta Valley and descend to two remarkable lakes, Turkana and Logipi, to see vast flocks of pink flamingo. After a night at Desert Rose your route to Sasaab will take you over the Ndoto Mountains and the Mathews Range of northern Kenya. Once in the Samburu National Reserve you can enjoy a late afternoon short scenic flight to spot rare Grevy’s zebra from above, landing on the sacred Samburu mountain, Ol Donyo Sabachi (Ol Lolokwe), which towers 1,000m above the surrounding plains.

You can complete the magical trip with an early evening walk to Sundowner Rock for panoramic 360° views of the Mathews Range, a magical experience with a fantastic finish.

Day to Day Itinarary


Whatever time you arrive there will be a warm and friendly welcome

STAY AT: Solio Lodge

GETTING THERE: From the moment you land at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, your private helicopter will be waiting to whisk you on a short, scenic flight over the rolling Aberdare Mountains to Solio Lodge, where our staff awaits your arrival.

EXPERIENCE: After late-morning coffee at Solio Lodge, fly up over the majestic snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya and drop down to land at a group of glorious high-altitude lakes that teem with trout for an exclusive fly-fishing experience and champagne breakfast. After this adventure, you’ll return to the Lodge late morning to relax for the rest of the day.


STAY AT: Desert Rose

GETTING THERE: At day break, head north in your private helicopter over the Western Highlands of the Laikipia Plateau, descending into the infamous Great Rift Valley down the Mukutan Gorge. Touch down on the edge of the Silali Crater for a picnic breakfast before continuing north into the otherwise inaccessible Suguta Valley. This wild area is home to the lesser kudu and striped hyena and is renowned for its fantastic rock formations. Then on to the extraordinary Desert Rose lodge where lunch awaits.

EXPERIENCE: In the late afternoon, we’ll fly over the green cedar forest that crowns Mount Nyiru and descend to the southern edge of Lake Turkana, also known as the Jade Sea, so called because of the near incandescent colour of its water. This is the largest permanent desert lake in the world and often referred to as the ‘Cradle of Mankind’. We’ll land on the Nabuyatom Crater to see one of Africa’s most extraordinary landscapes, before heading into the Suguta Valley and over amazing Lake Logipi, or Flamingo Lake. This lake is home to millions of greater and lesser flamingo and when viewed from above in a helicopter, the spectacle is astonishing. We then take the helicopter and land in sand dunes for sundowners, before a short flight returns you back to Desert Rose for dinner.

DAY 3 of Helicopter safari kenya

STAY AT: Sasaab

GETTING THERE: We leave Desert Rose mid morning and head into the Ndoto Mountains. This mountain range, together with the Mathews Range in the heart of Samburu country further south, is a virtual island surrounded by vast grassy plains. This unique geography has allowed a number of species to evolve independently in these mountains and the dense forest terrain is of considerable conservation value. Touch down for a short walk in the pre-historic juniper and cycad forest before continuing to Sasaab for lunch.

EXPERIENCE: Take a late afternoon short scenic flight to spot rare Grevy’s zebra from above, landing on the sacred Samburu mountain, Ol Donyo Sabachi (Ol Lolokwe), which towers 1,000m above the surrounding plains. If the evening is clear you can see a magnificent view of Mount Kenya 70 miles to the south-west. At dusk, take a short walk to Sundowner Rock, for panoramic 360° views of the Mathews Range and a glass of chilled wine.




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Your Helicopter Safari ends here, but the adventure can continue… contact us to incorporate this experience into a tailor-made itinerary to suit you