Hotels in Kenya BestPrice

Hotels in Kenya BestPrice ,How to get the Best rates when you Book Hotel in Kenya

If you spend a little more time doing your research, you can get crazy deals on hotels in Kenya. At the very least, you should be able to book a Kenya hotel that’s conveniently located and has amazing views depending on your purpose of travel.

One way to find a list of hotels that suit your needs and budget is to ask friends and family to give you referrals. Even when you are given recommendations, it’s wise to go through reviews, call the hotel and ask about their rates among other aspects of interest. But before you start calling a few hotels to make your booking, you might want to read the tips below on how to secure an attractive deal.

Hotels in Kenya BestPriceSecrets to Save when making Hotel Bookings in Kenya

Hotels, like every other business, want to generate revenue by luring clients who will come back and also recommend their friends and family. There are so many opportunities for you to save a little cash when making hotel bookings. We’ll share with you just a few to get started. Use these tips to book hotel in Nairobi or other parts of Kenya, that will suit your needs and budget.

1. Travel during off-peak season

You probably know that traveling during the low season means cutting back on the cost of transport, accommodation and other aspects of your travel. So why not hold on and wait for the peak season to be over until you plan your next travel? Planning your travel on less busy months also means you’ll meet fewer crowds so there’s a big chance that you’ll enjoy your holiday with your loved ones more.

2. Travel as a group

Another amazing way to save when you book hotels in Kenya is seeking accommodation for a group of people. Travelling solo may seem like a great idea but imagine how much you’ll save on the cost of accommodation if you choose to include your family and friends on your next trip? The more people you travel with, the better the rate of accommodation you are likely to be offered by the hotel.

Great Discount from Kenya Hotels when you Travel in a Group

3. Use your credit card

Credit card companies usually offer amazing deals to customers who use their cards when making hotel payments. You need to ask about this before making your booking. You can save up to 10% of the cost of accommodation simply by making payments with your credit card. Most people avoid using these cards because of the fear of getting into debt. However, you can find a good credit card company that works for your needs and budget.

4. Extend your days of travel

The longer you stay, the more you are likely to save on the cost of accommodation in Kenya. If there’s no reason to rush back home, consider staying a little longer and you’ll spend less per day on your hotel room. Most hotels in the country will reduce the rate for travelers who are staying a little longer especially during the off-peak season. So before you book hotel, ask if there exist any offers should you decide to extend your vacation.

5. Opt for a travel package

Travel packages can sometimes be a cheaper alternative to booking each aspect of your travel separately. However, it’s wise to compare how much you are saving when you book the hotel room directly compared to taking an all-inclusive package which has the accommodation rates factored in.  Call the hotel on your own to find out how much they charge per day and then compare this with the package offered to you by the Kenya travel and tours company.

6. Refer a friend

As a way to entice customers and attract a larger audience, some hotels allow their customers to refer a friend in order to qualify for a special discount. You can ask around and find people who will be travelling to the same destination and recommend the hotel. This might earn you an attractive discount on your next stay.

kenya hotels friends referral

Book Hotel in Kenya Early Enough

Probably the best way to save on the cost of accommodation when making a booking is to start planning your trip as early as possible. This is especially important if you will be travelling during the high season. Book Kenya hotels at least 2 months prior to your travel and you’ll be surprised at the low rate you get.