Hotels Hotel in kenya

Hotels Hotel in kenya

How to Save on the Cost of Accommodation in Nairobi

If you are the kind of person who travels fairly often, you are likely going to want to reduce the cost of your accommodation in Nairobi. Saving money on your hotel cost can be pretty easy. But like most capital cities in the world, Nairobi is fairly costly. You need to know when to splurge and when to save while on your trip. Let’s start with the tips below to help you save on the cost of your travel.

1. Hotels Hotel in Kenya,Start with the basics

Most people will start by choosing a hotel that they can afford. But there are cases where the rates for accommodation in Nairobi are at an all-time high. What do you do in such a case? Here are some of the basic ways to save.

  • Pack lightly: Travelling with less luggage helps you to save a lot more not just on transport costs but on the tips as well. It helps to carry luggage that you can handle without anyone’s help.
  • Don’t use the hotel phone: This will help you avoid the extra charge since most hotels in Nairobi do charge their guests for using their telephone service.
  • Consider the recreation fees: If you are travelling for business, there’s a high chance that you won’t have time to visit the spa or pool so why should you pay for them? Make sure you know what is included in your hotel fees and cut back on where it’s unnecessary.
  • Cut back on room service cost: If you can, make your way to the restaurant every day. With room service comes the additional tip as well as service charge. Ask how much you’ll pay for room service just to plan ahead of time.
  • Look for a cheap way to get around: Most hotels in the capital will be close to various public modes of transport. Consider skipping the rental car and instead going for a cheaper means of moving around.

Taking the simple steps mentioned above is a good start to help you save on those little expenses that accumulate when you’re staying in a hotel.

How to save on the cost of accommodation in Nairobi hotels

2. Stick to your budget

Know how much you intend to spend on accommodation in Nairobi and stick to that budget. The last thing you want to do is to get home only to discover you run out all your savings. Think about how certain comforts and conveniences will cost you. You really don’t have to spend much in order to have a great time.

For instance, the size of your hotel room can save you money. If you are travelling alone, there’s no need to stay in the largest rooms available especially if your budget is low. Balance out your costs so that you know what you are comfortable spending on and the areas to save. You can choose to stay at a budget accommodation in Nairobi dine at expensive restaurants.

3. Visit during the off-season

One of the best ways to save on accommodation and travel costs is to travel to Nairobi during the off-season. You can even end up paying 50% less than the cost of the same vacation during peak season. Plus, you’ll still enjoy the beautiful amenities the hotel has to offer. Travelling during the low season is not just cost effective but it also helps you to enjoy private moments with your loved ones because most places are not as crowded.

4. Choose a good location

If you book accommodation in Nairobi blindly, you will get an unpleasant surprise if the location is not where you expected. Staying in the heart of the city can be a lot more expensive but you’ll save more if you are planning on making frequent trips to the city. Don’t just go for a cheap lodging and fail to consider its location.

If you are not familiar with the area, we’d suggest you go through the different travel websites that offer maps or simply verify the hotel’s location and distance from major places using Google Maps. If your hotel is far from popular attractions in Nairobi, you’ll spend a lot more money on transport whenever you want to tour those places. Some hotels are just a walking distance from popular attractions so make sure you ask before booking the room.

5. Visit the same hotel,Hotels Hotel in Kenya

Some hotels offer discounted rates to guests who have visited them before. If you liked the reception you got from the hotel you visited in Nairobi, why not book another stay with them? Doing so can help you save a lot more on your accommodation. You can make an effort to become acquainted with the manager and staff at the hotel. Also mention that you’ve been there before when booking so that they can offer you any available discounts.

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6. Find ways to get entertained

You can carry your own laptop and connect it to the internet then enjoy movies in your room. Some hotels provide entertainment packages which can add on to your already limited budget. To avoid this, make sure you know what is included in each entertainment package and whether you really need it. You can save money by purchasing the entertainment options separately instead of going for a complete package.

Book your accommodation in Nairobi directly

Call and speak with the hotel staff directly and you might just get a better deal or even a room upgrade. Booking your hotel room directly has its pros and cons. Make sure you do adequate research and compare hotel rates offered in Nairobi. When you contact the hotel, find out about the items that may affect your stay such as the amenities available, location and any additional fees. The best accommodation in Nairobi is one that meets your needs and budget.